About Us

CatalogAid is a global web development and service company providing indispensable services tailored for the catalog market. Our relationships with merchants are build upon trust and reliability. We also have a reputation for speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Our staff have now been assisting catalog merchants with Internet business related services for well over a decade. Please read on…


All client work is performed at the California production facilities. Here we use numerous, recently developed, auto-hyperlinking and page generation scripts permitting us to rapidly and accurately link part numbers (and any other defined words) to your shopping cart or other location. These scripts permit better and more accurate QA cycles. This allows us to offer the best possible service, with fast turn-around times, at the most affordable rates.

Our team of full-time programmers and developers are amongst the best minds in the industry. Their skill sets allow us to quickly develop and deliver on any Internet related project.


Our company is founded on the premise of ‘customer delight.’ Delighted customers are those where we anticipate their needs, provide solutions for them before they ask and where we are monitoring to see if other additional enhancements are required. We deliver a level of performance exceeding that expected by the customer. And just to make sure we do this we back it with financial guarantees.


When you trust us with your work we make the following promises to you: We will properly QA the work to make sure that all hyperlinks are functional and correctly linked, and we will deliver the project to you by the specified time. If we fail on either one of these promises we will reduce that invoice by 10%, immediately. We shall fix any errors and return the finished project to you. If there are still issues then you will receive the corrected work with additional charge adjustments.

We are extremely proud to place our priorities on quick turnaround times, timely delivery, and quality assurance. Our goal is to keep our clients delighted with our services and solutions!