Catalog Maker Service

We now offer anyone the ability to make a paper and/or electronic catalog at both breathtaking speeds and unbelievable prices…

Anyone with a simple comma-delimited data file can now have a paper catalog generated in hours using the Catalog Maker service. The data file needs to have unique product numbers in column A, with any other data you would like us to display, including images paths, in the other columns. These could include copy text, product price, long descriptions, etc.

Once you supply this file to us, we shall present you with some options on several parameters to choose from. Then within minutes we shall have our technology quickly generate a PDF-formatted electronic catalog.

The part numbers within this new catalog shall be hyperlinked to an e-commerce system. You may use these PDF to print paper version of your catalog, send the PDF to your customers, or have it integrated into any of our solutions. The process is really that simple!

Give us a call and let us show you some examples.