Database services

Databases range from simple lists to massive volumes of relational data. CatalogAid has provided many database and database related solutions to many customers. Although the listing below is provided to inform you of our popular services, we have provided many customized solutions too. Please call us to see if we can help you with your database issue.

Trusting an outside agency with your data is of major concern. However, we have a credible history of both safeguarding data and delivering on time, with the utmost regard to the security of your data.

Call us for references and pricing on all your database needs.


One of the most tedious and mission critical tasks facing any merchant is to have a clean and properly formatted database. Indeed, all current web sites that offer any kind of viewer interaction are reliant on a database. We have dedicated teams of individuals with many years of experience populating and cleaning databases of all types.


Many catalog companies have requested us to supply them with a reverse database. A reverse database is a document which is generated from the contents of catalog pages, showing all the SKUs on that page (both working and non-working). Some of the benefits of these reverse databases is to permit the merchant to track and/or link back to the virtual catalog page from the e-commerce pages of their web sites.


Recently, we have developed a entirely new process whereby using just a database skim we generated a full virtual shopping enabled virtual catalog. This service bypasses the high costs of page design and layout, and instantly produces a complete catalog. Call us to see our most recent examples and current pricing.


Many merchants are updating to modern web sites and shopping environments from legacy or highly customized infrastructure. This sometimes presents problems with porting data correctly to the new system. We have the experience and expertise to save you both time and money. Please call us to determine how we are able to help you.