• References

CatalogAid invests heavily in customer relationships. These relationships are reflected by comments made by our clients about us and our services. We are very proud of our relationships with our clients. In this day and age there are many vendors out there who do not exactly go the extra mile required to keep their clients delighted with their services – we do, and we can prove it!

We are more than happy to supply you with the names and contact information of most of our clients so you may see how simple and easy it is to do business with us. Please call and ask your sales agent for appropriate references.

  • Testimonials

The integration with our shopping cart is the primary reason we use CatalogAid… But itʼs not the only reason.

Catalog Aid has removed the tedious work that we used to perform in-house, and replaced it with a simple process that works hand-in-hand with our web site, our marketing objectives, and our sales objectives. Today, our production consists of handing-off our finished PDF files then adding a link and some XML on the web side. It could not be easier!

The addition of the live shopping cart right on the page youʼre viewing is the greatest benefit. No longer do users have to endure confusing switches between browser
windows. As a result, our checkout has been streamlined to the most efficient method possible, and with a higher conversion rate than our in-house methods.

Dave Fogarty
Creative Director
Forestry Suppliers, Inc.