Virtual Catalogs

CatalogAid has been supplying merchants with Virtual Catalog solutions for about a decade.

We offer both static HTML eCatalog solutions as well as Dynamic Flip eCatalogs. Over the years we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in consulting and generating the apropriate solutions to many vendors. Both these formats have advantages and benefits. Call us for a consultation and we shall guide you to the best solution for your business.


The HTML based standard eCatalog solutions have been the mainstay of many merchants since they first became available around 1999. These simple standard HTML driven virtual catalogs are not simple in functionality. Visit the standard eCatalogs page to see live examples and comapre and contrast alternatives.


Currently our Flash driven dynamic eCatalog solutions are very popular. We offer a number of different versions. Please visit the dynamic catalogs page for a complete overview of the alternative offerings and live examples.